Dinner Shows

We have two comedy, musical, murder-mystery dinner shows.

Our hilarious dinner shows are fully scripted (with plenty of improvisation). The actors will perform around your guests. The story will unfold around you over dinner and guests have plenty of opportunity to interact with the performers and join in should they like to. The cast will be there to make sure you and your guests have the most fun possible. It will be a party like no other!


A Dinner to Die For is set in 1928, when Lord Quinten Daventry hosts his party bash. Rumour in social circles is that he will announce his engagement to Miss Fanny. Agatha Christie in spirit – all cut glass accents, pearls, flapper dresses, army outfits and monocles – with lashings of sexual innuendo and double entendres. – INTRIGUED?


Time Star invites you and your friends to  party your way back to the 80s. Your host, and the brains behind the world’s first commercial time machine, is TJ Packham, a flamboyant, sex mad, ego-centric entrepreneur with a reputation for genius but also for shady dealings.


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