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Hosted murder-mystery games available in NSW, VIC & Virtual

Our professional party hosts will lead your private group through your own fun-packed, murder-mystery game.

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THE AUCTION (11 – 45 players)

Following the suspicious death of Baroness Audry von Munchen, the fabulous von Munchen relics are being auctioned off. In the absence of a legal heir, the proceeds are to go to her favourite charity – unless a claimant comes forward. What is the truth behind the Baroness’ death?

It’s late 1989, which means it’s Prom time at Pine Oaks Valley High – and you’re TOTALLY invited! And what better way to celebrate this majorly rad decade than with the Prom theme of ‘Rocking the 80’s’! Guests are invited to strut their stuff by dressing as their favourite 80’s rockers, pop-stars, celebrities and other notable personalities. Before the Prom King and Queen can be crowned, tragedy strikes! A student has been found dead, and it appears to be the result of MURDER! Who is the culprit? Piece together the clues before it becomes PANDEMONIUM AT THE PROM!


It’s the late 1950’s at the Lightning Diner (‘you get your grease faster than lightning!’).  Whether you’re a jock or a square, a greaser or a paper shaker, a hip cat or an outta sight chick – you’re invited to celebrate a totally fab first year of business.  And what could be more of a gas than having a Sock Hop? But before the poodle skirts have time to start swaying, tragedy strikes!  A death has occurred and it appears to be the result of MURDER!  Can you finger the culprit before the fuzz arrive to shut the joint down? Piece together the clues to work out who has ‘ordered up’ murder!

MURDER ON THE DANCE FLOOR 1970’s (12-100 players)

It’s the late 1970’s at the Jaguar Lounge, the hottest disco dance club in town. Your guests come dressed in their 1970’s finest, with the aim of winning the coveted titles of King and Queen of Disco. Before the dance competition can start, tragedy strikes! A competitor has been found dead and it appears that they have been MURDERED! Is the culprit an aspiring challenger? A disgruntled colleague? A jealous rival? Piece together the clues to work out who has the ‘killer’ moves!


Once upon a fairytale, a murder did occur,
But who could be the culprit?  Was it him, or them, or her?
Princes and their princesses, heroes and villains too,
Dwarves and mermaids, pigs and wolves, fairies green and blue,
All the classic characters will gather here to see,
If they can piece together clues to solve the mystery,
Join us for an evening of sleuthing, fun and laughter,

Find the killer so we can all live happily ever after!


Roll out the red carpet, serve up the caviar and chill the champagne because tonight’s the night! The famous, the fabulous and the flamboyant have gathered in their finery to induct the worthiest superstar into the Diva Hall of Fame. But as the spotlight fades, a prima donna falls and it appears to be the result of MURDER! Who has betrayed her? A backstabbing rival? An up-and-coming starlet? A scornful grand dame? Piece together the clues to discover who has caused The Diva’s Demise!



Caribbean Cruise
Christmas Capers
Haunted House
Hollywood Scandal
Tracy Gang 1920s
Wild West


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