A Dinner To Die For

A hilarious comedy, murder-mystery, musical dinner show.

Plot Synopsis

Not molecular gastronomy, but a wickedly funny, musical, Murder Mystery Dinner.

It is 1928 and Lord Quinten Daventry hosts his annual party bash, amid rumours in the best social circles, that he will announce his engagement to Miss Fanny Farquar.

Agatha Christie in spirit – all cut glass accents, pearls, flapper dresses, army outfits and monocles – with lashings of sexual innuendo and double entendres.

The cast includes the delightfully flighty Miss Fanny who is besotted with her lord and oblivious to the designs on her fortune. Unfortunately, former army colonel, Uncle Bernie, offers her little protection since he is a blustering, full-bellied chauvinist. But will Lord Quinten’s childhood guardian – the kindly and ever vigilant Nanny Maude – step in to save Fanny from despair? Or worse?!

Party guests are allocated a role for the night and encouraged, but not required, to indulge their inner artiste by dressing and behaving in character. They play the game as detective for the night whilst mingling over dinner.

Subplots emerge and the evening begins to gather pace and spices up into a hilarious romp peppered with music, murder, mysteries, disembodied limbs and suitably hysterical screams.

As shows go this is interactive entertainment at its best!

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